January 15, 2008

Green Beans

I’m not really a fan of podcasts. It’s not that I don’t like it though, it’s just that it would be just too much of a distraction for me while at work (where I am always online). So I found it quite odd that I would be in a café high above the city streets doing a podcast with Eph and Jaymee.

I’ve known Eph for about 4 years now, as he was my Editor-in-Chief during my stint in the college paper as well as being my spiritual confidant at church. And it was in our weekly group meeting that Eph asked me to guest in the next episode of their podcast Get Back to Work. And since I am always eager to try something new (as long as it doesn’t void my insurance benefits), I decided to give it a go.

There are three things which I learned during the podcast.

1. I have an accent. Being born in the Philippines, having a Filipino accent while speaking in English is expected. However, I have been speaking, writing, and talking to myself in English as long as I can remember, so I was a bit surprised that all those years hasn’t affected my accent that much. But it’s not that I am ashamed of it either, however it’s hard to be taken seriously when you're proclaiming your intentions of taking over the world to the terrified masses with a solid Bicolano twang.

2. I (apparently) have an unruly lifestyle. The episode in which I was to guest in was about whether personal organizers and New Year’s resolutions really work, and I was the one representing the ones who don’t. According to Eph, I was the only one he has found in time for that side. So unless I misquoted the E-man, it just proves that I am the only unorganized person in the city, or maybe even the planet. It just kind of makes me imagine myself as Will Smith in I Am Legend. Except that Will Smith is richer ... handsomer ... and manlier ... than me.


I think I'm just going to curl up in this corner here and weep for a while.

3. Pee before doing a podcast.

Overall, the podcast was nice and quite interesting. Heck, I might just even try it sometime, although I won't do it now as the technician will kill me if I choke up the bandwidth of the office network.

For those of you who want to know more about Eph and Jaymee’s Get Back to Work podcast, you can visit it at
http://getbacktowork.podbean.com. If you want to hear the episode with me in it or you're just looking for some juicy stuff to blackmail me in the future, just click this here link.

Thanks to Eph and Jaymee for the opportunity.


Da**it, I sound like Borat. Very nice!


LeVamp Yigae said...

hey, i lyk borat...harharhar... and no, you are not the only unorganized person in this part of the universe...hehe

Ephraim Aguilar said...

You're not the only cluttered person in town. But you could be the only one who curl and weep in realization. People rarely feel guilty at being disorganized, can't you see? @_@

Binoy said...

Actually Eph, it's actually the realization that I will not be as manly as Will Smith hahahaha =P. Although I am leaning more on being Clint Eastwood-ish. (Dirty Harry, anyone?)

Today's Dose of Internet Pollution said...

I think we're all firmly in the "disorganized" camp. About 10-minutes' worth of our combined digressions had to be edited out. :D