January 16, 2009

Angels and Ninjas

It was already past eleven when I got her message. I reached across the bed for my mobile phone, and tried to stave off the impending drowsiness that came with the closing of the day.

She apologized for breaking her promise of sleeping early. Her timber design had some kinks and it, and she has to redo all of the computations from scratch. I asked her if it was that important enough for her to stay awake all night. She didn't answer my question, instead she asked me to sleep early for my trip to Naga City in the morning. I refused.

It has been like this ever since I've met her last October; a whirlwind of words and emotions exchanged in the realm of reality and fiber optics. And my life has changed drastically as well; a few months ago my only concern was how am I ever going to find time to watch John Stewart and the Colbert Report. Now I find myself forcibly awake in the middle of the night, trying to persuade a girl as stubborn as I am to hit the sack.

And at these times that I ask myself why I am doing this. After all, we are just friends. Yes, we date on a regular basis and there is affection between us, but we are still just friends. Though I would be a hypocrite if I said I wanted it to stay that way.

But right now I am happy, in a silly but heartwarming kind of way. I feel as though I have been a prisoner of war, seeing the barbed-wire gates open into the vast expanse of the desert of non-existence. And as I march into the freedom of the endless void, I hear a faint song in the air; of a memory of what once was.

She asks me to go to sleep for the umpteenth time now, and although every cell in my brain is urging me to do so I don't feel compelled to sleep. How will this end I don't know; it's still happening right now as of writing.

But whatever happens, I know it will end someday. When it will be, I don't know. I'm just walking.

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