February 14, 2008

Because Breathing is Less Important than not being It

I'm never really good with the game of tag. Anything that involves running or vigorous activity in a prolonged period of time automatically gets shelved into my "Dislikes" folder. And so when I find myself tagged by Ruthie one day, I was a bit alarmed as I was flattered. But then again, I've already been creeping people out with answers to similar lists below in the Friendster bulletins, so:

5 Things Found in my Bag

  • Red Thermos Mug.
  • My old (i.e. haven't lost it yet) FILA Baseball Cap.
  • A gel-based sign pen.
  • Some strange stuff that's been inside for years that'll probably bite me if I touch it.
  • Deodorant.

5 Things Found in my Wallet

  • Money.
  • A sky blue Kingston USB Mass Storage Device.
  • Empty ATM Cards.
  • My Social Security card.
  • Old slips of paper from as far back as college.

5 Things Found in my Room

  • Porn. (hahaha just kidding. Reformed na ata 'to!)
  • Cluttered computer desk.
  • Woozie, my long-suffering yet ever-trusty Sempron rig.
  • Bed with extra-large pillows.
  • Books leaning against empty boxes of Gundam model kits.

5 Things I’ve Always Wanted To Do

  • Drive a tank in the highway during rush hour (wahaha!).
  • Take a nap in Norway.
  • Hot-wire Dreamweaver and Flash.
  • Get drunk at a bar with Gordon Freeman and Barney Calhoun .
  • Meet God without dying first.

5 Things I am Currently Into

  • Trying to be a Christian.
  • Messing around with Photoshop.
  • Making press releases and other paperwork for the Centre for Initiatives and Research on Climate Change.
  • Chatting with Ruth, Arcee, and other friends online.
  • Sleeping.
5 People to Tag on this Meme

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