April 13, 2008

Back in the day they used to sell Tivoli Ice Cream. Wonder what happened to that now.

This is the first time I’m doing a post on a table napkin.

The boss is busy speaking up front, trying to sell the idea of climate change running our quiet little town to the ground (or in this case, underwater) to the prepubescent minds of the local youth council members. It’s not that I have anything against it, although if I had known earlier that I will be tagging along with the boss on one of his speaking engagements, I should’ve brought a camcorder to document it. Or at least a decent notepad that won’t disintegrate at a touch from a technical pen.

(Pauses to sip a cup of coffee. Yes, it’s bloody 11 in the afternoon and the road is baking from the heat outside, but I went drinking the other night with the cousins. My head still feels like cotton candy, mind you)

Right now I’m pretty much bored. Sure, the boss’ slides are something to think about, but I’ve seen it so many times already I think it’s the reason why my brain has the consistency of circus confectionery right now. And I was never good at sitting on a chair for a prolonged period of time while listening to someone either. I nearly flunked high school because of that. But I can’t basically bail out on this one, especially since the boss wants us…

Crap. The boss just pointed at me and mentioned my name out loud. Now everybody in the dining hall is looking at me. So much for sitting it out the sidelines.

Anyway, the boss wants us to start doing the lectures as well, so this is basically the warming period for my baptism of fire, so to speak. Let’s just hope I don’t end up with cold ashes on my socks.

The lecture is finally finished, and the sound of applause quickly floods the room. But it isn’t exactly over for us, as after this we are taking a three-hour trip to a teacher conference on the neighboring province of Sorsogon. First time I’m going to the place, and I’m a bit excited about it.

Well, I have to pack up. Gotta go.


Had a chat with Mom later that day. She said it’s just proper that the boss should introduce the staff. I tried explaining to her that I’m not exactly all too thrilled at having myself publicized in such a way, but she countered that as a fully-functioning human being with my occupation it is only right to do so. Note to self: You can never win against your mother. Plus start looking for a good publicist.

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