April 16, 2008

My Very Own Wonderful Person Award (Wohoo!)

One of the things that the boss troubles me on occasion is that he keeps telling people I am an award-winning writer. Now I appreciate the boss’ pride in his staff, but it is a bit worrying as I have never told him of my awards. Because I haven’t won any. In fact, the last award I can remember being given is the title of “Most Tardy” during my high school senior prom night, and I’m not even sure that counts (they didn’t give me a trophy).

Therefore, it is with much honor and gratitude to accept this Wonderful Person Award from Ruthie. This is the first time somebody has ever described me as such, especially since it comes from someone as cute as her (hehe). I also appreciate the fact that it actually has a certificate (with authentic squiggly border designs) to boot.

Thank you very much Ruth. I appreciate it.

Mental Note: Have to talk with the boss later. And ask for a printer while you’re at it.

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