June 12, 2008

A2C2 Ten Commandments Commissioned Work

I admit, I haven't been updating my often as of late , as I have been busy with a couple of things recently.

And the this is one of those things.

My former Administrative Officer, Ate Monette, asked me draw some cartoons for the brochures and flyers on the Albay in Action on Climate Change (A2C2) Ten Commandments for Sustainable Development. To the uninitiated, the A2C2 Ten Commandments is a list of things to follow in order to induce sustainable development in the Province of Albay (where I live in), which in this case means the adaptation to climate change, which our big boss, the Provincial Governor (whom I work for), has as his pet project.

The caricatures were originally made in black and white, as the brochures were meant to be mimeographed fotr mass circulation However, the office managed to get some funding from UNICEF, so I had to overhaul it all into colored works.

All of the lines were done by hand using a simple pencil and 0.5 technical pen, while the colors were done manually using Adobe Photoshop CS2 and a mouse. If you're deciding to try digital coloring, I advise you to get a tablet. Doing it by mouse will turn your fingers into splintered matchwood.

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