November 13, 2008

Pancakes in Hot Sauce

…Henceforth I beseech thee, do not rely on the virtue of cheese, for it is inconsistent with the teachings of the Law.”

- Songs of Philocemus, Canto 35 Verse 6

I had once described my writing as that of a slaughterhouse: raw thoughts in my head are rounded up and cut into consumable bite-sized portions of ideas. I am the butcher, and the pen was my cleaver.

But that was before. Back then good ideas were plenty and there was much work to be found. But now the slaughterhouse is empty and is reduced to a mere shell of its former self, the butcher shipped into a war of attrition, and the cleaver gathering dust in the corner.

I will no longer explain as to why it’s so long since I have written on this blog ( and if you were concerned as you why, bless you). It was just writer’s block, plain and simple, but how it managed to hit me at the back of my head and send me into a literary coma is complicated and too sensitive for discussion. Nevertheless, much like how healthy cells die slowly from lack of oxygen, the literary life which I had has also slowly wasted away to a point where I personally declared that I am dead as a writer.

But it seems the dead do come back to life.

Also, in a lighter note, I decided to get rid the previous post, which was supposed to be a maiden voyage of a planned Nostalgia series to help stave off the literary recession. I was never a fan of cannibalizing my old work, even if it managed get the words “Sharapova” and “half-naked” on the same article. *rawr*hiss*hiss*

(shoots cat with a shotgun)

Anyhoo, you can still read the Great Balls of Fire and others of its kind at my old Friendster blog The Road Not Taken at There some mighty fine work there you might wanna see if you plan on blackmailing me in the future and incurring the wrath of a Japanese samurai lady.

So, that is that. I really can’t say that I’m back and running, as the ol’ engine still needs some warming up after that long cold spell. But I’m a persistent little bugger, so I’ll try to whip up something nice after this.

Anyway, as a closing filler I’ve uploaded a picture of a rabbit taking a dump. Enjoy.

(Many thanks to Eph, Vhan and other kindred spirits who still believed in my thought –butchering skills. Hats off to you guys.)