August 3, 2007

Rallying cry for my Work Ethic

If what I feel right now can be summed up in one word, it would be this:

I've been playing a lot of Urban Dead recently. It somewhat has certain parallels with my job (For example: it involves losing brain cells), but nevertheless it is quite engaging and entertaining. That is, if you find clicking text boxes entertaining, of course.

Since it's a casual web browser-based multiplayer online game, Urban Dead does not win any awards in terms of graphics. Here's a screenshot of the game:

But if you can sacrifice the visuals for expansive gameplay, well this game is worth checking out. The game basically dwells on a zombie outbreak in a London-ish suburbia, wherein you can play as a living, breathing human who is stuck in the city or as an undead, rotting zombie preying on the living. It's not really gross though; probably the most graphic description in this game is wherein you stick a syringe up the neck of a zombie. The survivors mostly spend most of their days scrounging for supplies, setting up radios, generators and barricades, and shooting the living (or dying?) daylights out of zombies with a double-barreled shotgun. The zombies, or zeds as they call it, roam the deserted streets searching for "harmanz", "harmanbargahz", and of course, "braiiiiiinzzzzzzz"....

The game can be frustrating at first, as you need to be of a significant level to be able to fully enjoy the game. It can also be boring sometimes, especially when the zombie hordes just passed the suburb you're holed up in. But nevertheless, it's quite a nice diversion on a boring afternoon.

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