August 30, 2007


I managed to scrounge a red bicycle frame and handlebars from my cousin over the weekend.

I was passing by their house the other day, and I saw
the lad busily tinkering away at his bike. He managed to scrounge a much lighter bike frame from somewhere, and he's transplating the wheels, brakes, plate, and other components to this new one from his old bike. And since he had no use for the old frame, I asked him if I could have it, along with the old chrome handlebars I saw rusting in the corner. A few hours of haggling later, I managed to haul home the bike frame, the handlebars, and a set of pedals to boot. So right now I'm closer to getting a new bike of my own, with only a fraction of the market price.

I can be such a cheap bastard sometimes.

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