September 14, 2007

Bossa Fever

I was sitting on a jeepney on the way to work when I noticed a banner on top of the highway. The banner advertised "Bossa Fever", a concert involving a local bossa nova artist and an "audio deconstructionist" (who blatantly looks like an ordinary DJ).

How the heck do you get Bossa Fever? Sure, I've heard of disco fever, but bossa nova? states that "fever" is an "intense nervous excitement", but bossa nova is probably one of the most relaxing forms of music next to the lullaby. So how do get nervously excited over something so soothing?

Husband: Honey, I think I might be going down with the bossa fever...
Wife: Oh dear, what makes you say that?
Husband: Well, I've been feeling sort of relaxed since this morning, and just a few hours ago I keep getting this urge lie on the couch.

The marvels of Philippine marketing really do leave me speechless sometimes.

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