September 18, 2007


One of the band members of the Temptations once said that North Dakota is so cold that it is "where cold is made and sent to other places". And if that should be the case, then our province must have bought in bulk recently.

It has been raining almost every day for the past week. Maybe it's because it's the monsoon season in our country again, or maybe the Philippine government's effort at cloud seeding has gone awry. But either way, the incessant rain and wind has caused the temperature to drop. For the first time in months I had to use an umbrella and hoodie, which is already something, since I despise carrying umbrellas and our office tends to get hot as a Turkish bathouse at certain hours. But then again, if it were not for the fact that I have a job, I would be rather at home sleeping. For the past week, every time that I wake up to the frigid morning one of the first thoughts that comes into my mind is to go back to sleep again. And most of the people I've asked feel the same way as well (including my mother, who is probably the patron saint of workaholics everywhere). I attribute this sluggishness as the human body's way of conserving energy for heat, but then again one must think of Scotland, Iceland, and Norway, whose citizens are hardly touted as lazy. And nowhere in the history books mention of the hardy Vikings holing up at the living room watching reruns of the Emmys during a cold spell. Maybe were just not used to the cold, with us being tropical islanders after all.

But is not that I am complaining. On the contrary, I prefer cold days over the sunny ones. While others see bleakness and sadness on a gray sky, I see calmness, solitude, and peace. Plus the mountains surround our house look more majestic on a cloudy. It's just how one sees the world I suppose, which is already difficult to do in this world blinded with illusions and compliance.

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LeVamp Yigae said...

ur right, i also prefer cold days... its calmer that way...;))