September 3, 2007

A Castle of Cards

I finally made my first complete card castle.

It was a simple construction: a three-section pyramid composed of receding triangular arches of two cards side to side, and platforms made up 4 layers of cards on the first whilst 3 layers for the second. Strangely enough, it took me only less than an hour to complete it, considering the fact that it is made up of brand new (and quite slippery) unmatted playing cards that was assembled on a wobbly wooden work table.

I started constructing card structures quite recently. Maybe it was the challenge I guess, or the fact that it can induce a meditative state at some point. And God only knows how badly I need meditation these days...

But sadly, I made this construction during the wee hours of my grand-aunt's wake, who was very close to me ever since I was a kid. So in the end I never fully enjoyed the fruits (or castle) of my labor, because I lost something precious just to gain another.

In the end, maybe we are all just a castle of cards, waiting for the wind to blow us away into a pile of nothingness.

(This card castle is lovingly dedicated to my late grand-aunt Carmen.
In pace requiescat Lola.)

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