November 5, 2007

The Days are Getting Longer, The Nights are Getting Colder...

I finally found the time to write again.

It's not that I don't write anymore. Instead what I really mean is that I finally found time to write something a bit pithier, rather mouthing off silly ramblings and revealing how much I suck at playing video games. I think there’s even a theory that states that as you get older, your skills in video games decrease accordingly. Must be with the aging brain cells I suppose. However, there’s actually no solid scientific fact which can support my theory. But if you find a middle-aged father beating his teenage son at Team Fortress 2, kindly let me know.

But I find it rather ironic though, due to the fact that I’m not really busy nowadays. Aside from the occasional weekend backlogs, my work does not require duty beyond the 9 to 5. But despite this, I still don’t write as much as before. Maybe it’s because my work is starting to turn my mind into that squash pudding my cousin made last week. After all, writing about license plate brackets all day does not exactly induce the Shakespeare in a person. Sometimes I even wonder how my co-workers who are taking up Law (don’t know how many, but my super-secret ninja spies say they’re quite a handful) manage to balance work with study. But then again, I need the money, and compared with other jobs out there mine is as easy as it gets, so I’ll just have to wing it until the next school year.

Also, there’s the fact that I’m no longer inspired to write at all. The teenage angst that has dominated my college years has started to fade out ever since that Senator guy handed me my diploma. Plus I’m no longer pulling out Cupid’s arrows out of my chest cavity. Come to think of it, I think that’s one of the good things about not writing anymore, as there’s drastically lesser chance of me writing about how the way she walks as though she’s gracefully swaying in the wind, cherry blossoms and uber-cheesy Kim Chiu songs in tow. Just reading through my old journal entries makes me cringe and want to slaughter Cupid with a rusty pick-axe.

Then there’s also the fact that we have a new PC at home. A brand-spanking new Sempron PC with 512MB RAM and a 128MB video card. It’s not exactly the fastest out there, but any rig that can make me run Half Life 2 smoothly is good enough for me. And although I still haven’t purchased the aforementioned game, I am contently wading through Disciples 2 and various console emulators I found on the Internet. And when I’m not wasting precious sec…er…hours of my life in pointless but otherwise addictive video game diversions, I’m busy trying to figure out Photoshop CS and doing the wedding invitation card for my cousin who’s getting married in January. And let’s not forget the occasional DotA fix with Shad and/or Vhan at Chuck’s, as well as various other frivolities such as laundry, eating, sleeping, and respiration. Kinda makes you think twice about “not being busy”, ain’t it?

But as for now, I have the time.

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