November 27, 2007

Dog Piss

I hate bathing at night. There is nothing more traumatizing than stripping down to your bare essentials in the cold of night and dousing yourself in even colder water. Every time I swing that dipper over my head, I feel like my brain cells are getting shorted out by lightning. So every time I head for the bathroom at 9 in the evening with towel and soap in hand, I better have a damn good reason for it. And last night, the reason was because I smelled like dog piss.

The boarding house where I stay in here in Legazpi has a dog named Claus (My uncle, the landlord, found him on Christmas Day). And just like his namesake, Claus likes to give. Except that it comes in ammonia, nitrogen, and other stuff that dog kidneys make. But I really can't blame him; the fella is basically locked up inside the boarding house all day. But when you wake up to a glorious Tuesday morning and find that the dog left you a very smelly present on the doorstep, sympathy tends to vanish hard and fast. I'm a self-confessed animal lover, but it takes all of my mental faculties just to stop myself from whacking the dog every time he pisses on the doorway. And now I just consider myself lucky that he peed on the kitchen floor after dinner; at least I have the time to clean it up and go to sleep without holding the urge to puke every time I inhale. But then again, it's hard to consider oneself lucky if he's going to clean up dog piss. It just makes me want to blow up inside, or at least take a bath at night.

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Homar Murillo said...

well, i do not know the exact composition of dog piss. but it's smell is perfume compared to the pungent odor of cat's poo. consider yourself lucky. in our apartment, the cats are making a mockery of the glade air freshener that my wife bought.