March 27, 2008

Mechs, Guns, and Bald Kung Fu Guys

I just learned that there is now a fifth installment in the Front Mission video game series. Although it blatantly uncovers how pitifully ignorant I am of video games recently (the game was released Dec. 29, 2005), I am still quite excited to check it out soon.

I first got hold of the Front Mission video game back when I was in high school, and ever since then I was a big fan of the series. Basically, the game revolves around Wanzers, which are big semi-autonomous mechanized units or mechs, and the pilots that commandeer them. I especially admire the realistically-based designs of the Wanzers, which is a far cry from the fancy but impractical "super" robot designs of Voltron, Mazinger Z, and the like. The storyline is also based on a realistic theme, which is mainly about the hero and the cast struggling with the ideologies that surround them and the factions they are serving in.

Probably the only rotten tomato that spoils the basket is that it suffers from the Chickboy Hero Syndrome, as evidenced by Mr. Walter Feng, hero of the current Front Mission game:

Meet Walter: ace Wanzer pilot and Secretary General of the Oceanic Community Union Emo Club.

Until today I still don't get why they would put men who would probably cry if a rocket went over their heads to pilot these war machines. And to make matters worse, Walter is already gutsy enough as compared to other robot/mecha pilots of the genre *cough*cough*Gundam SEED*cough*.That's probably the saving grace I suppose, although they could've just motion-captured Jason Statham or Jet Li instead.

Hmm... Jet Li inside a fully-armed mech. Now that would make one hell of an action movie.

(many thanks to Jaymee for inspiring me on the poster above)


Internet Pollution said...

I wish I had a Gundam. -_-

Naalala ko tuloy si Hiro Yuy ng Gundam Wing. Emo club indeed. Haha. Anime likes casting unlikely heroes. Makes the stories interesting. :D

Binoy said...

But does it always have to be girly men? They might as well have made the main hero a girl like that of Brain Powerd or Amada Shirou of 08th MS Team.

You could settle with GunPla models if you want a Gundam of your very own (though you will have ta shell out 2,000 to 3,000 bucks for a decent models plus paint n' stuff).