March 7, 2008

A Screencap of My So-Called Digital Life #2

This is another one of my quick projects for my Friendster page. I've drawn and inked it by hand, although I had to clean it first and darken the blacks by adjusting the curves a bit. The coloring meanwhile was made digitally in Adobe Photoshop, with the flats done with the default brush while a digital airbrush set to 30% opacity was used for the blending and shading. I still haven't quite gotten the handle of it though. The Blogger logo, however, was taken from a Flickr page, whose specific address I can't remember. Hopefully the finished output will be uploaded by the time this is posted.

1 comment:

LeVamp Yigae said...

galing naman... parang gusto ko din gumawa ng screencap...wahhh gaya gaya...hahaha